Educational Dualism in The Muslim World History,Issues and Solution

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Judul: Educational Dulism in The Muslim World History,Issues
and Solution
Penulis: Rahimah Embong
ISBN: 978-967-2231-16-5
Harga: RM37.00
This book explores issues on educational dualism faced by the
Muslim Ummah at present. The malaise of the Muslim Ummah
rooted from the co-existence of modern secular and the traditional
religious systems of education in the Muslim world was explained.
Two main issues were addressed in this book. The first issue is
concerned with the evolution of dualism in the Muslim world,
and the second one is related to the nature of an integrated
curriculum as perceived by existing Islamic education institutions.
In presenting the issues concerned, the author successfully brought
into her prior knowledge as a teacher, academician, as well as an
administrator of several institutions. This book is significant for
enhancing the knowledge of education and Islamic civilization
among students, educators, academics, and those who are dedicate
themselves in reviving Islamic education in this globalised world.