PENULIS: Mokhairi Makhtar, Syed Abdullah Fadzli & Nur Shazwani Kamarudin
ISBN: 978-983-0899-47-3
HARGA: RM42.00
TAHUN: 2016

Image classification is one of the important domains of research nowadays. The data grows tremendously for the past years. The trend has moved the research toward big data environment. This book will guide the reader to implement a classification method for image data set. Classification is one of the data mining techniques. For classification image, the objective is to label images into predefined classes. This book is organized into chapters that address the specific topics related to image classification. Each chapter is further divided into sections that discuss each step in classification of images. Every step discussed comes with appropriate examples and explanations. It has also written in a structured and simple way to demonstrate the process of classification method with appropriate examples. There is also a chapter that demonstrates how classification can be done using Weka as a data mining tool. From all the contents presented in this book, it is suitable for researchers as well as students in any field that would like to understand and explore classification method easily.