PENULIS: Vidya Bhagat
ISBN: 978-967-0899-10-7
HARGA: RM50.00
TAHUN: 2015

This book, Psychotherapies in Psychiatric Treatment makes a sincere effort to educate the inquisitive reader about the effectiveness of psychotherapy in the management of various psychiatric disorders it lists the contemporary psychotherapeutic techniques and describes them systematically, in a lucid style, there by generating keen interest in every indulgent reader who places his hands on successfully elaborates on therapies which have emerged as an offshoot of psychoanalysis, learning theories. The techniques described in this book are amenable for practical application by every desirous professional. In an era where pharmacotherapy is the main stay of treatment for most psychiatric disorders, this book promises to be a boon to mental health professionals and students pursuing medicine, psychology and allied health sciences. The combined benefits of pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy can significantly improve the prognosis of this disorder and lower the relapse rate. Certain valuable psychological interventions such as a family therapy, marital therapy, counseling etc…have been dealt with in fair detail which proves to be handy in the resolution of every day family and relationship issues from the professional forefront. This book has attributed due significance to psychotherapy and expands the scope for its advocation in clinical and counseling domains. It also, potentiates the reemergence of psychotherapy ,which was once underestimated, as a major mode of intervention. It can also, help allay the fears and anxiety of patients concerning the use and adverse effects of long term medications by confidently, assuring them a beacon of hope through psychotherapy. It is a source of rich knowledge and inspiration to debutants as well as champions in this field.