To be an established and prestigious university publisher


To spread scholar’s scholarly publication, especially UniSZA’s scholars and to efficiently be the main channel of contribution towards the world corpus of knowledge


To develop UniSZA Press as a dynamic publisher by producing high quality and impactful scholarly publication.


UniSZA Press was established to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To develop a scholarly publication programme in UniSZA.
  2. To empower scholarly publication that able to contribute in the field of knowledge and human development.
  3. To enhance scholarly writing skills among UniSZA .
  4. To acknowledge academic scholarly through quality scholarly publication
  5. To spread the corpus of knowledge


  1. To act as a secretariat for UniSZA Publication Meeting Board.
  2. To build a smart network partnership with other scholarly publishing organizations such as the Malaysian Academic Publishing Council (MAPIM), university publishers and others.
  3. To manage scholarly publications such as books, themed books, teaching and learning modules, monographs and journals.
  4. To ensure the efficiency of publications and distribution of UniSZA Bulletin.
  5. To manage the promotion, marketing and book stocks.