Jurnal Islam dan Masyarakat Kontemporari Jilid 3

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JURNAL ISLAM dan Masyarakat Kontemporari Jilid 3
ISSN    : 1985-7667
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PP 3-18 The Construction and Validation Of A School Quality Management Scale for Quality Improvement in School Management
Zukifli A. Manaf & Lee See Seng
ABSTRACT: This paper describes the construction and validation of a School Management Scale (SQMS) which was designed to assess the Quality Management practices in Malaysian secondary schools. The development of the SQMS consisted of two steps. In first study, groups of items were constructed based on Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award Education Criteria for Perfomance Excellence Framework and were validated using content validity, construct validity, criterion-related validity and reliability analysis. The second study was the initial application study on the excellence award winning schools using the revised SQMS.
Keywords: Instrument Development; School Management

PP 19-32 Pembentukan Tingkah Laku Remaja Menurut Barat dan Islam
Khalim Zainal, Aminudin Basir @ Ahmad & Akila Mamat
ABSTRACT: Teenagers are important asset for the country. They need to be formed to be leaders of the country. Nowadays, demoralization is a big issue discussed among people according to recent scenarios. Proactive efforts need to be taken so that the problems will not be abandoned. Realizing the issue, leaders of this country have taken action to develop human capital as an agenda that needs to be given immediate attention. This writing discusses the Islamic and western approaches in dealing with the issue of morals.
Keywords: Teenager; Moral; Western approaches; Islamic approaches; Human nature

PP 33-49 Perbandingan Amalan Dhikr Ism al-Dhat Menurut al-Qushayri dan al-Ghazali
Syed hadzrullathfi Syed Omar, Engku Ibrahim Engku Wok Zin & Rohaizan Baru
ABSTRACT: Practise dhikr ism al-dhat according to al-Qushayri and al-Ghazali, the foremost Sufi's figures known in Sufism, is not many discussed even by eastern and western scholars and Sufi's supporters. Thus, the issue is mainly attempted to be highlighted om this article by analyzing their points of views on the subject as well as the article also tries to make a comparison between the two figures in order to show if there any differences or similarities may occur in the practise.
Keywords: Dhikr, Ism al-Dhat; al-Qushayri; al-Ghazali; Sufism 

PP 51-76 Nikah Mutaah Man Manzar Ahl al-Sunah wa al-Jamaah wa al-Syiah al-Imamiah
Rohaizan Baru & Majed Muhammad Abdoh
ABSTRACT: This article tries to forward the debates on the legality of mutaah marriage which is also known as contract marriage from the perspectives of Ahl al-Sunah wa al-Jamaah and al-Syiah al-Imamiah. In doing so, not only the definition of mutaah marriage given by Ahl al-Sunah wa al-Jamaah, Shiite and Ibadhiyyah will be brought to discussions, but also arguments forwarded by each group in supporting their opinion together with the academic analysis on them.
Keywords: Mutaah marriage; al-Syiah al-Imamiah; Ahl al-Sunah wa al-Jamaah

PP 51-76
Hukum Penglibatan Orang Islam dalam Perayaan Bukan Islam dalam Konteks Malaysia
Basri Ibrahim
ABSTRACT: This article intends to analyze the current festivities of non-Muslim citizens in a Muslim country and to find out how far Muslims are allowed to get involved in them. This research found that Islam totally forbids Muslims from getting involved in other religious festivities with the exception of activities that do not involve other religious worship.
Keywords: Current festivities; Non Muslim citizen; Religion festivities; Open house; Similarities.

PP 97-113 Tanggapan Usahawan Terhadap Zakat Perniagaan Berbanding Cukai Pendapatan Perniagaan di Terengganu
Zaharah Salwati Baba, Hashim Jusoh, Habsah Muda & Syed Mohd Azmi Syed Ab Rahman
ABSTRACT: This study seeks to investigate the perceptions on zakat and tax amongst 214 respondets (entrepreneurs) in Terengganu. The findings of the study discuss on, among others, entrepeneurs' priority wheter tp pay zakat or tax, comparison between their perceptions on the responsibilities of zakat and tax and compliance as well as their awareness towards zakat payment compared to tax payment.
Keywords: Zakat, Tax, Entrepreneur and Perceptions

PP 115-133 Muhammad Bin Ishaq Menurut Perspektif Nuqqad dan Muhaddithin
Fauzi Deraman & Ahmad Saifuddin Yusof
ABSTRACT: The status of narration by Muhammad bin Ishaq which involve stories in al-Sirah al-Nabawiyyah has been an essential issue. His position and authority towards narration of traditions particularly in al-Sirah al-Nabawiyyah has being debated among nuqqad and muhaddithin from generation to generation. Some unbiased and fair assessments are identified to clarify this situation.
Keywords: Muhammad bin Ishaq, Ibn Ishaq, Sirah, al-Jarh wa al-Ta’dil